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About the studio

The Nerma Linsberger Studio is based in Vienna and is currently working on a variety of projects across Europe. Nerma Linsberger's architecture arises from a careful figure-ground relationship and a real-time analysis of the development of the urban fabrics we live in. As one of the leading offices when it comes to sustainable social housing in Vienna, the studio sees itself as a link between the various levels of the sustainable cycle: from planning to implementation, we rely on renewable materials, efficient processes, and shortened construction times to ultimately enable greater social balance with affordable living space for everyone. 

With our designs, we transform the requirements of clients, municipalities, investors and tenants into a future-proof architecture that combines all aspects of sustainable building and socially responsible housing. 

Nerma Linsberger


* Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Living and working in Vienna since 1992

1993 - 1997

Study of Architecture at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna Masterclass Prof. Timo Pentillä and Prof. Massimiliano Fuksas



2017 - 2019  

University Lecturer at TU Vienna

2016 - 2021

Member of Quality Advisory Board Upper Austria


Areas of expertise

Urban architecture that is fit for the future:

We create according to our design philosophy, which is based on a sustainable manifesto, enabling the development of a good, sustainable city of today and tommorrow.

Collective experience and semantic values are incorporated into our functional designs in such a way that both more efficient building solutions and innovative architecture are created. Our area of expertise is the ability to establish the link between social, economic and ecological sustainability with our designs.

MÜG_PP_GR_EG_200_ohne schraffur2.png

Social Housing

The development of affordable and accessible living space for everyone in connection with an architecture that creates identity and healthy communities is the constant incentive of Nerma Linsberger Studio. Our completed projects prove: sustainability does not exclude beauty and sophistication.

Urban Planning Expertise 02.jpg
Urban Planning Expertise.jpg

Urban Planning

We must always be aware that our buildings of today will determine the urban future of tomorrow.

The city of the future will be a much more densely populated area with an emphasis on shared economies, shared infrastructures, ownership and mobility - but with much more limited resources. The ability to recognize long-term consequences in the now and to plan them in a resource-conserving, energetically sensible and socially sustainable manner - that is the canon of values that we are promoting with our urban development concepts.

Our main concern is  to create affordable living spaces in a connection with an exceptional quality of housing and life - because good places only emerge when people are able to identify with their living environments.

How we work_RESIZE.jpg

How we work

Inspired from a variety of influences from all over the world, Nerma Linsberger Architecture Studio uses research and curiosity to find innovation and provide the best solutions. The approach is open minded, analytical and pragmatic to create designs that have meaning and purpose, but often go against the grain of conventionality.


By thinking outside the box, the office achieves to promote sustainable design, as well as atmospheric sceneries for residents and the urban context. 



Felix Rau


Philip Kaiser

IMG_8139 - Kopie_edited.jpg

Michael Ploss


Luka Linsberger

former employees

Günther Wimmer, Johannes Tiefenthaler, Anna Gärtner, Axel Körner, Yingxi Xiao, Christoph Weber



2022, Am Wienerfeld West, Housing – 2nd Prize

2022, Winzer Dreieck, school Klosterneuburg– Recognition

2022, Agdam City, Azerbaijan Social Housing – 1st Prize

2022, Wohnen im SÜSS, Housing – 1st Prize


2019, Living in Florida, Housing in Vienna 1220 – 1st Prize

2016, M GRUND Social Housing Mühlgrund  -  1st prize 

2016, Zeughausareal Innsbruck, Housing  - Recognition

2012, Familienhotel Oggau - 2nd prize

2010, Chateau 21, Social Housing 1220 -  2nd prize

2009, Kagran west, Social Housing 1210 -  2nd prize



Award Wohnbauten des Jahres 2021 – Auszeichnung Sozialer Wohnungsbau – M GRUND


Architizer A+Firm Award, Spezial Mention 2021 


Architizer A+Award 2021, Finalist – WILLLI Social Housing im Dritten


PARIS DESIGN AWARDS 2020, Winner – SAKURA Social Housing on Brünner Straße


bestarchitects 2019 (Düsseldorf, Germany) – M GRUND Social Housing Mühlgrund


If Design Award 2019 (Hannover, Germany) – M GRUND Social Housing Mühlgrund


GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 19 (Germany) – M GRUND social Housing Mühlgrund


Architecture MasterPrize  – Firm of the year 2019, shortlisted



Social Housing on Brünner Straße         


If Design Award 2018 (Hannover, Germany) SAKURA Social Housing on Brünner Straße

Architecture Masterprize 2018 – B 53 Social Housing on Beckmanngasse


Schorsch 2017 (Vienna) – M GRUND Social Housing Mühlgrund


Corporate LiveWire Award 2017 (Birmingham) – 

Winner in Innovation in Residential Architecture


Architizer A+ Award Finalist 2017 (New York, USA) 

M GRUND Social Housing Mühgrund


AAP American Architecture Prize 2017 (New York, USA) 

M GRUND Social Housing Mühlgrund


AAP American Architecture Prize 2016 (New York, USA) – SAKURA Social Housing on Brünner Straße


IDA International Design Award 2016 (Los Angeles, USA) SAKURA Social Housing on Brünner Straße


best architects 15 (Germany) – B 53 Social Housing on Beckmanngasse

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