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Casa L






130 m²

under construction


CASA L is located in the hills just a few minutes above Dubrovnik.

The concept consists of a cube, which is positioned within the steep rocks and becomes one with them.

The access is possible from both sides of the plot. The lower entrance leads over a staircase cut into the rocks through a garden of olive trees to a terrace. A glass eye grants the first glance into the pool and breaks rays of sun light through the water above.

All rooms on living level are organized around a generous atrium.

Grand sliding elements allow a flowing connection between interior and exterior.

From the terrace, the breathtaking view over Cavtat bay can be enjoyed, just as a mild summer evening with barbeque or a breakfast in a protected corner with warm brick flooring.

Large wooden blinds as well as curtains are positioned around the atrium to provide protection against the sun.

Another terrace can be found on the lower lever, combined with the pool. Besides the possibility to lounge in the sun, the roofed terrace provides a generous area in the shade for hot summer days.

The sauna connecting to the terrace is planned for colder winter days.

The wine cellar houses excellent wines from Herzegovina and Croatia.

Unearthed stone will find its place within the plot again. Supporting walls will be covered with virgin stone. Most parts of the plot will be kept in natural finish or molded with local stone from the site.

The garden of olive trees takes on the biggest part of the landscape, complemented with gras, found on the plot.

Cooling is provided by a greened roof with a high capacity of storage, as well as thermal activation of building elements. The bio-drainage-well is another contribution to sustainability.

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