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Vom Walde with Love






6.250 m²



Vom Wald with Love is our contribution to the social housing competition 1.Wiener WohnBAUMprogramm. Using timberconstruction and wooden elements throughout three different buildings to ensure high efficiency as well as economics. Through prefabrication and a modular system it is possible to create an individual identity for each site.

WEIDENHOF consists of two buildings, generating a courtyard facing northwest. On the northern building an access balcony provides the opportunity to be used as an additional loggia. Each unit is equipped with outdoor spaces, a loggia-balcony-combination on the upper levels or a loggia-terrace-combination on the ground floor.

The southern building is structured with offsets on the two upper levels and completed with two opposite 2-level dormers.

KASTANIENHOF’s first building accompanies the street and angles along the east border, surrounding a green court. In the south the structure is completed with a point block, carefully placed in order to provide exposure to light. The wooden façade with its vertical structure is a clean backdrop for an arrangement of loggias, balconies and sunscreens.

SCHILLERSCHEUNE consists of two small square buildings, angled towards one another. Embedded in a vast green landscape, the two houses grand a beautiful view of the water. Using 2-level dormers, the space on the 2ndattic floor can be used and generates an interesting building structure as well as the opportunity for a clean floor plan layout. Vertical wooden elements are spread throughout the façade and cover the pitched roofs as well in order to create a uniform appearance.

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